XVR is a tiny ActiveX component (it weights only 535K); all you need to integrate an XVR content in a web page is a computer with a decent video card installed and the Internet Explorer browser

The first time you access a web page that uses XVR you will be asked to install it, like any other ActiveX plug-in (Adobe Flash, for example). A simple mouse-click and it’s done, it’s that simple.

You should see a small 3D example below, if you are using IE (otherwise just a static image):

XVR was specifically developed to be tiny. So you don’t need to download any 3.5 Megs plugin to see a 50k 3D demo.

Moreover, XVR is developed by programmers for programmers and let the developer do whatever he/she like. This means that things may be a bit harder to learn for a designer with limited programming skills, but once this is done there are virtually no limitations. Last but not least, XVR is completely free for non-commercial purposes.

Demos & Games

This is a collection of XVR technology demos.


  • Microsoft Windows OS (98,ME,XP,2K,Vista)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • OpenGL Accelerated Graphic Card